Aug 7, 2017


I feel good about how today went. I saw a friend, I saw family, and I actually did things that I wanted to do with my weekend. It's currently midnight and sure tomorrow is gonna suck a little, but I'm excited about things, and I finally made my bullet journal which will actually make my life easier and was also really fun to do.

So...I hung out with a mate, and my medication was actually behaving itself enough that I could function and have fun and actually have some okay conversation and I actually really enjoyed myself. I also made 3 really yummy loaves of brioche, so dad got one, my mate got one, and I have a good loaf of bread for the week. Then I watched a few videos, talked business, and played with some pretty cool video hardware. Exciting things are coming up on the horizon there. I talked editing software with dad, had a yummy dinner, and got into my printing, cutting, leatherwork, binding and painting. It was absolutely amazing to carry a project through from start to finish, and I have this really beautiful product now as a result that really is a perfect combination of everything I need. The only thing I really want to add to it is a cover design, using some of the leather engaving skills I've been researching over the past week. I'm so, SO keen for that.

I have a couple of mates that are wired fairly similarly to me that have had birthdays come up or are coming up shortly too, so as an added bonus I have leftovers enough to sink my teeth into making some custom bullet journals from first principles with my new-found skills. I'm actually stupidly happy about all of this, and can't wait to try more things. It's so refreshing to be starting to spend time around people that are doers like me.

This weekend also meant the one-year anniversary of the parrot meet up group I'm involved with, which was a refreshing change from the hermit weekends I've been having for the past couple of weeks. I caught up with good friends that I'd missed, and spent time with beautiful and intelligent animals. I love birds so, so much. We have so much to learn from finding ways to communicate with creatures that are all-at-once so different and so similar to us. I've also been recognised on one of my social media channels this weekend by both Commander Holly and HowToADHD. This could really help me with the things I have planned down-the-line, and to be honest it's actually just a big happy-place thing for me too. I spend so much of my time feeling like I'm getting nowhere that I've aimed to be, and feeling isolated and different from the people around me. Little things like that are a glimmer of hope that I'm moving things in the right direction, and that's really exciting when I'm coming from a place that has been very tough a lot of the time. I couldn't have asked for a better weekend.

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