May 30, 2014

just some thoughts really..

So the specialist said ADHD as well. Combined type. This is day two of treatment. I'm not sure how I feel really. I mean I feel happier, and I'm getting more done, but I'm apprehensive as well. I've had a lot of shit in my life, and there's always been one suggestion or another of some magical way to make things better. I suppose I just wait and see now. At the moment I'm a little all over the shop. Did I mention that draft one, part one of my thesis is due at the start of next week? And that I'm 100 of 4000 words into it with about 40 more articles to read? I'm out of my depth this week, but I'm much less anxious and angry. I guess I'll either find a way through or seek support, it's not all hopeless, it's just a really big challenge.

I had an exam yesterday. I should be studying today but I honestly just need a break, so I'm sitting in my room just quietly watching TV. My head is a little sore, but I get migraines and things all the time, so that's not really a big deal. I don't really have much more to report right now, I just figured it was about time for a post. I just read through this and there weren't a bunch of typos, so I guess that's new. Usually I end up editing things about 4 times after I've posted them, and even then I delete them out of anger/embarrassment/anxiety about half of the time. Welcome to Billieville 2.0? We'll see.

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