Apr 5, 2014

Calmed Farm

This motherfucker again.

Friends, I've been a little under the weather for a couple of weeks, so I've had a few days away from homework. In the interest of personal health improvement, of course. It's been really fun! I've had a good look at what's working and what isn't working within my lifestyle, and "cut the fat" a little. I've dropped a few shifts among other things, and changed my diet and exercise regime a little as well - it was becoming so regimented that I was more stressed over it than it was doing good. I had a look at ways to reduce that stress. That's all sorted now and magically I'm dropping weight on top of that, despite relaxing my eating habits?! Okay then, I'm alright with that! So long as it's not from easing-up at the gym and losing muscle mass, full steam ahead. So, what have I actually done this week?

I did a fair chunk of the fun stuff, you know, regular-style multiple regression, sequential multiple regression, multiple regression with a side of fries, finding unique independent variable values and normalising to standard deviations, reflecting on postmodernism, studying logical fallacies, looking at falsificationism versus modernist induction methods.....but I also did these:

Not actually these literally, although it's totally in the dream journal.

  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  • Froyo
  • Hanging with friends
  • Baking
  • Time to myself that wasn't studying
  • Having the hard conversations with friends and family, so I'm not anxious and getting nothing done about said anxious thoughts
  • Yelling at my computer (with friend support)
  • Hanging out with the dog
  • Playing with my hair
  • Tracking down the perfect dress
  • Did some makeup trials for fun
  • More froyo
Fuck yes.

So essentially, add a boy and a pizza, and it's been a fairly ideal week. People have tried to steer me off-course a little, but that has failed. I'll be doing a few more family things tomorrow and then it's back to the books again. It's been a good rest. I'm glad I did it. My asthma is controlled again and my migraine has subsided. No more painkillers and steroids, which is great. I hate the way they make me feel. Being half-asleep and distracted all day when you're trying to research and write complex things is extremely counter-productive. That's the personal stuff. Mostly. I had an epiphanic moment yesterday, in which I realised that I actually had caught the feels, but I don't really want to talk about that in detail. I really don't like the idea of that right now. *backs away slowly*

Let's talk about other things. Like how awesome Captain America: The Winter Soldier was! I do not profess to have in-depth knowledge on all that is Marvel, but I really enjoyed this movie. Just so much. I may have gone and done a thing to my hair in the excitement. Mostly. To be honest I've been playing with the hair idea for a few months now anyway, but hey, the season has turned, the whim took me....here we are. Next up: somehow finding more hours in the day to spend at the gym, without it affecting my study or the social facets of my life.

Randomly, here are some random life tips I've picked up as well:
  • If you have brittle hair, avoid using anything stronger than a semi-permanent dye over it. Temporary is ideal, but also tends to fade fast, and run through every sheet, shirt, and pillowcase that you have ever held dear. It's also made for some awkward ruining of boyfriend sheets in the past. Handy hint.
  • Coconut oil is your best friend. Try and find an organic and unrefined one. It'll cost you maybe $10 for a jar, but it lasts ages. You can cook with it to help decrease your LDL (bad cholesterol) intake. You can use it as a moisturising balm for your lips. Best of all, you can use it to give your hair super. freaking. powers. Rub it through, focusing particularly on your ends, before a permanent or semi-permanent dye job to protect the hair. Use it as a hair mask on dry hair, by coating the hair in it then glad wrapping. Wait 2-hours-to-overnight, then rinse out with a few applications of a gentle shampoo. Your hair is now rainbows and fucking unicorns.

That's about it really. Oh, I've also been listening to a bunch of Nine Inch Nails, mostly in the car. They are just so good. Without giving away many spoilers (but mostly fuck you, potential spoiler, go e.a.d), I feel this one fits well with the Cappy and His Emo Heterosexual Life Partner movie theme. Excuse me while I don a black catsuit, play with my new hair colour, and dance around provocatively to this. I'm pretty sure the only thing that bothered me in this movie was Black Widow's runners-that-were-heels. They confuse me. I'm willing to investigate it further though.

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