Feb 23, 2014


Over 10,000 hits, you lovely people! Thank you! This makes me happy. So, what's going on here? Well, a fair bit really. There are still a few big things happening around the place, a few things I'd rather not deal with, but overall I'm feeling pretty confident. I don't have a whole lot of time to talk today, because I'm already supposed to be somewhere, but I woke up excited about my future. As is not uncommon for me, I woke up and got stuck into a TED Talk in bed and hung out with the dog for an hour or so. I'm really excited about my upcoming honours research, and if I get the one I'm after, social science will be something I spend a lot of time playing in. I'm also doing a bit of my own social engineering at the moment, trying to tweak my social life, and get myself well-placed emotionally and support-wise with some smart and like-minded friends, so I find this sort of stuff really interesting. I love that just a few subtle things can heavily influence chemical and emotional processes, both internally and externally of you in a social context. I really find that fascinating. I'll be very big on researching how that applies to the context of my research this year, if I'm given the opportunity, but for now I'm enjoying playing with it within a personal social construct. I'm not sure how common it is to wake up on a Sunday morning, all super-excited about testosterone and cortisol-based aspects of dominance and success in a human social environment, but I'm happy that what I'm doing right now is something I'm passionate about.

Here's this morning's adventure into Social Psych.

I love that this woman has come from hard times and being told she can't succeed, to making a difference to others. I mean sure, she has confidence and dominance, and I know that feels awesome, but the great thing about power is the influence. The helping people, not by telling them what to do, but by being able to influence the way the feel about themselves, so that they can do things for themselves. This positive feeling about learning how to best do that and influence that, has me torn between specialising in org, social or developmental psych on a daily basis. And you know what? That's okay. The nature of the industry means that in some way and shape, we are forming the shape of our jobs around a need that can be fueled by funding, and that means that I can quite easily find myself in an area of study and work that encompasses all three, if I bring something new to the table. And this year I get to start doing that. It's more about trying new ideas, research, and taking initiative, and less about spewing terms verbatim from text books. I have a thesis over my head, and yet my main feeling right now is excitement.

I'm also being able to apply these things at work, and that is just the best. I came into an environment where kids would not participate in activities, and things were not ideal, and now things are starting to turn around. The rowdy kids are now taking that energy and using it to lead. Instead of telling them off, they are given responsibility, and it's making them them happy! It's meaning that they get involved in the activities, not because they have to, but because they are enjoying them, and things are going more smoothly for them as a result. I am so happy that some of these kids who were just there because they had to be, are now looking forward to parts of their day, and instead of playing up, they are becoming the kids that others look up to and that we cherish for their positive team work. Anyway, I'm very happy that I can help be a part of that. And I'm so stoked that I worked hard, and I get to focus on things like this in my ongoing career now as a result.

Now, personal life time. And I should of course be showered, fed and at a party right now, so I'll keep it as short as possible.Things are changing here, and it's predominantly very positive. Cutting away toxic people has given me room to breathe. I'm just working on a few things at the moment really. Finding a partner is up there, obviously, but I'm not super worried at the moment. Living arrangements are a bit all over the shop, and it's going to be stressful for a while, but I'm getting on top of that, hopefully in half-decent time. I'm so, so keen to see if a mate of mine is in to the fourth year program with me. I have everything crossed there. Other than that, the only other friend really struggling at the moment is dealing with new facets of relationships, and learning how to deal with the unexpected. I don't think they realise it, but what probably seems like a negative experience is actually really showing them that they can achieve a bunch of things that maybe a year ago, they would never have thought possible in themselves. Even though you might not get what you want, remember that you got something you thought you didn't have in you - you tried new things and you learned things that previously, not having made you feel disconnected from your peers. You have those experiences now, you have a common ground. Just for now try not to get too caught up in your own head. Use the frustrating times to focus on something else and you will live to try another day. Anyway, I'm officially two minutes late for my plans today and I haven't showered yet. Time to bail! Thank you so much for reading though, and having patience through the past couple of weeks. And now, it's play time :)

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