Dec 11, 2013

Year in review.

Yesterday I was sitting around at home moping, and facebook decided to throw its new "2013 year in review" button at me. So, with much trepidation, I clicked the link. And I got this:

  • Graduated from University
  • Went on an amazing holiday with my friends
  • Started the year at a uni party with some excellent people
  • Did a whole family surfing lesson while on a beach holiday
  • Hung out at Crown with my Westside peeps, sporting fabulous pink hair
  • Chilling with my Poppy dog
  • Found out my puppy was going to be okay, after a big cancer scare and operation
  • Bought some kickass clothes, that the internet clearly approved of
  • Kicked arse on my exams
  • Paid off my car loan
  • Hilarious wardrobe malfunction involving a catsuit under a dress
  • Finished all my undergrad assignments
  • Had a good laugh at my family trolling on facebook
  • Got a HD average in third year
  • Got into honours!
The moping went away pretty quickly. I've had a fucking amazing year, this year my life has completely turned around. I've met some really great people, I've picked up my confidence, I've worked hard, and I've got everything that I worked toward. Holy crap, all new years resolutions successfully complete.

I am so thankful for the people that are in my life right now. I've had to surround myself with positive things to get all of this stuff done, and those positive things have been the people that I've met and the people who have stayed with me throughout this year.

2013, the year that I got my shit together and turned my entire life around. Fuck yeah. Thank you for being a part of it, you made the last twelve months absolutely wonderful and I love you all so much. And now, the song for this year (and I don't give a fuck if it's too mushy for you because Katy is my spirit animal), Roar. One, it was my uni's grad song of 2013. Two, I made it out on my own this year. Three, it's catchy as hell. Aww yeah.

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