Dec 6, 2013

Black Milk Brisbane Party Time (aka the best bunch of people ever)

Pictured: Bliss!

As you can see, I had an absolute ball up at Black Milk HQ, to celebrate their 4th birthday! Now all that's left to do is unpack and catch up with Christmas presents, as I've managed to get a bit of a bug on my return to Melbourne, where it was of course hailing today. It's summer and three days ago it was 36C, but it was hailing all the same. Yes, I'm home. Back to my epic holiday!

I was bunking in a serviced apartment with Pauline, Jacinta, Sally and Laura, and I couldn't have asked for better roomies! Everyone was respectful and fun, and great friendships were forged. There were laughs, tears, music, fashion, makeup and tequila. I'm going to do a day-by-day rundown for you now. I'll start with my Thursday arrival, although let it be known that due to a family illness involving a hospital stay and resulting 400km worth of driving to and from Warrnambool right before my departure (said family is all better now), Thursday was a little quiet!


Okay! So, Thursday, after 2 hours sleep and a 2-hour flight, I arrived in Brisbane at 8.30am. I wandered out of baggage claim and just asked around until I could figure out a cheap way to get to the apartment, because that's how I roll. It worked, and I managed to find a sweet bus service that would drop me to the door and return on Monday to come and get me. I got there, dumped my stuff, ate Maccas, picked a bed, swapped pillowcases so I wouldn't leak purple hair dye everywhere, and promptly crashed out for several hours. Some time later, I got to meet the lovely Pauline, Sally, Jacinta and Laura, and we went out with the rest of the gang for epic Japanese noms. Then I crashed out again, because exhausted reasons, and sleepily snapchatted and such to tell people I'd survived the trip.

Ok, this one is post-BM Party, but close enough!


Friday meant a tour of BMHQ and an impromptu sample sale! We got there just after noon, after a bit of primping and what not, and a snack or two. We also got to try on the new gym gear, and it is amazing. The staff are all so nice. I'll let the pictures do the talking!

Getting our podcast on... 

The final product!

HQ Sample Sale Haul

And here's what I left with...

Not a bad haul, if I do say so myself! The top photo is all unreleased, the rest are just awesome.


Saturday was a huuuugeeee day. We had Wet'n'Wild during the day, and then the big birthday party at night! So, here we go....


It rained, oh did it rain! We caught the bus early in the morning. And it rained some more. That wasn't stopping us, we had an absolute blast! The bonus of this was that all of the rides had hardly any lines, and we got to just take over the place and run amok. The hardest bit was climbing the stairs to the higher rides in the wet with chilly wind upon us, but the waterslides were worth it, even if it was jokingly dubbed "Wet'n'Lame" - we all had a lot of fun.

Party Time!

Black Milk's 4th Birthday party was completely amazing. It honestly felt like walking into a fashion wonderland, where everyone rocked and people were free to be themselves. They also had a super pretty candy bar, Sharkinis, live music, a fashion show, heaps of goodies and the 501st turned up as well! We had R2D2 whizzing about on the dance floor, and body painted models strutting about, and we all had a blast and danced until the wee hours, when we could dance no more, and the lovely BM staff helped us find cabs. Cam in particular saved a few sore feet! And let me say, Gillian has the dance moves! 

 Twerk it out!


Sunday was a recovery day, thankfully! I didn't drink much the night before, but I was keen to sleep off five hours of solid dancing. We all napped for a while and then Sally, Jacinta and I toured around Brisbane, taking in the sights. We bumped into some lovely New Zealand sharkies, visited a pop-up market, and randomly bumped into some adorable huskies and malamutes!

After that, we headed back to the apartment, where the lovely Penny met up with us, and we decided to spontaneously go out for Mexican - can I just say, best Mexican restaurant ever! We had some yummy food, tequila, and then headed back to the apartment for drinks and a bit of music and giggles. This was meant to be our lull night, but it was easily one of the very best nights of the entire trip. Thank you to Sally, Jacinta, Laura and Penny for such lovely company. I love you girls so much!


Our last day came all too soon, but it was still packed with lovely surprises. Some of the girls went back to BMHQ to help with a few fitting queries for the new gear, and I was lucky enough to meet up with them there once they were done....which meant saying hi to the lovely staff and a few interstate and international sharkies again, and another sample haul! After that I decided I'd keep Pauline and Laura company at the airport (my flight was much later), check in my baggage, and just spend a few hours by myself, enjoying all the memories of this amazing holiday. I chatted to a few friends back home (love ya Jessie), read a little, and enjoyed the serenity, before heading back to Melbourne.

HQ Last-Minute Haul

Unreleased Mermaid Musk Skater Scoop Dress (to be released)

 Unreleased and unheard of Purple Jester Bodysuit and Chocodile Jacket

Muscles Leggings to freak people out at the gym (as photobombed by Poppy when I got home)

So there it is, that was the story of the most amazing holiday I've probably ever had, of bonding with some really lovely women, of dancing until the break of dawn, and of tight and shiny nylon. See you all again next year! I'll leave you with a couple more pictures, and the song that was our very last song of the night at the 2013 Black Milk 4th Birthday party, Brisbane. Thanks for reading. 

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