Nov 1, 2013

And then that happened.

Pictured: The least-deserving recipient of a Sarcoma ever. :(

Well, I survived my degree. I've been free a week. I get final exam results in a week or so. I worked the first two days after my exams, and then I kinda just sat around at home being broke for a week, while I waited for my pay to drop in. It wasn't too bad though. And then Wednesday I was giving my fur baby back scratches and felt a bump. I took a look and it looked really suss. Fast forward to today and my dog has cancer, is very sore from surgery, and I'm short a good $500 to pay the bill. I suppose that's life though.

I haven't really cried, I'm pretty tough. I feel so terrible for my dog, but I'm doing the very best for her that's out there, and will continue to pay out for radiation therapy and more surgery if her results come back with more bad news. I'm very thankful that I happened upon the lump early on. I'm not really sure how to feel. I thought finishing uni would be a huge relief, but there's kind-of just a flatness about things now, like there isn't much purpose going on in my life, and I'm waiting with baited breath to see what Poppy's lab results are and how I went with marks.

I'm meant to be going out to celebrate tomorrow night, but it'll rest on how well my pup is doing and whether I want to actually leave her side just yet. She's so sore, and she's being so good about it, she needs cuddles and plenty of rest and someone there for her right now. She's had a little to eat and drink and is peeing okay, so it's just a matter of love, rest and observation now. I'm not sure how soundly I'll sleep tonight, but at least I have her back home with me.

We'll get through this. People might laugh about me being so dramatic, but she is a part of my family, and a huge part at that; who has been there for me through some really tough times. I care about her. Not much else has happened really. I've seen some friends and watched some good TV, and I'm applying for jobs now to pay for things and move again. And pay for Queensland.....I'm almost tempted to sell my tickets and accommodation now and just stay home with my pup, but I don't think I can really, even if I wanted to. It kinda sucks, I recently went all-out and bought a costume for my party and a gift for a family member and now suddenly I'm down an unexpected $500, but at least the important things are safe. Thank goodness the graduation party got pushed back a couple of weeks. I'm so thankful to still have my fur baby safe and sound next to me right now. I think perhaps that's why I'm not super sad, even if it has been a really rough trot - I still have her here and she's hopefully going to be okay yet. But still, I'm very tired. Sorry for the disjointed rant.

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