Nov 19, 2013

It's OVER 9000! (but seriously, thank you readers)

It's finally time to write this post!

A huge thanks to all of my lovely readers. This post marks my blog hitting over 9000 views, so it's quite the occasion. I've been waiting a bit of a silly time to put that image of Vegeta up! So.....what's new? I've finished uni, I got my marks, I'm waiting on further news, various crafting stuff, party, impending holiday! Here we go...

So, I got my final results for my last year of my degree and.......they are great! I got the marks I wanted to hit the range for honours selection, and now I have to wait. A month. To figure out if I got in to honours or the grad dip.. Which means a month of limbo at my folks' place while I figure out where I'll be living for the next year. It's tedious. I want to move already...but it's good news. Plus, in that time I have a bit of time to myself, an interstate VIP trip, and a buttload of 9-5 (and sometimes 8-6) work. So it should pass relatively quickly at least. I'm not good at doing nothing for extended periods.

I had a big party to celebrate, but it kind-of went to shit due to a lack of organisation, distance, and people generally sucking (except for those of you who came who I love at lot, so thanks!). The moral of this story is that I've made a friend cull, of some of the people that I felt were just using me. It really sucks because I love my friends, but when I start feeling like crap because of the people I'm hanging around, what their morals entail, and the money and hours I put in to do nice things for them, all to get pretty much nothing back, it has to be done. I've been a bit down-in-the-dumps about it for the past week to be honest, but it also leaves room in my life for new friends, and I've even managed to start spending more time around a few close friends that I've missed over the past crazy year of moving house and study. It's good. 

I'm also about to leave for a big party in Queensland with a fashion brand I'm sort-of tied in with, so that's very exciting. I'm now in the process of madly trying to get fit a little late, and running around to book airport transfers and the like. I'm also about to go to my first Queensland theme park. It's only a little bit late! I'll add pics at a later point for you if I can.

Other than that, I've been keeping myself very quiet. I'm working on maybe going on a few dates and getting out of the house, but I'm also in a bit of a weird state of mind where I want to spend a lot of time alone and I'm a bit disillusioned with people in general. It feels like ever since I graduated, I've been running around trying to please a lot of people, and nobody has really tried to please me back in return. I'm going on a baking day tomorrow with someone I haven't seen in a while, so perhaps I'll feel better about things then. I'm just super sick and tired of working hard on friendships that turn around and blow up in my face. I deserve what I put in. That's all I ask for, is the treatment I give, given back to me. That's fair.

One of my recent works (I'm rolling with slightly longer sleeves than this now)

Anyway, enough of my sour grapes! I've made a few more onesies this week, which includes a summer onesie pattern that I have personally designed and kinda perfected now. I'm also really enjoying the embroidery functions on the machine I'm using. It's a huge amount of fun to custom make gifts for people with that level of quality. This weeks' projects on the sewing front will be a bag and a few smaller gifts if I have time for mum's upcoming birthday, and shirring. If you don't know what shirring is, it's this:

I've been inspired by this beautiful cotton maxi that mum brought home for me from Vietnam a few years ago, and I also need a few skater skirts for Queensland in the next week or so.....and I don't have a huge budget. So, the plan is to dig up some elastic thread from somewhere and get stuck into the stockpile of cotton that I have kicking about the place that's doing nothing. Hello, pretty shirred fishtail skirts, playing with varied length skirts, cute dresses, pocketed skaters with high waisted shirred tops. I'm tempted to mess with a few playsuits and maybe shorts as well. Anything that will look hot and disguise my TV dinner thighs while I tone up, and also give me a bunch of really cute new summer styles to play with for gifts, now that onesie season is on the out, and the silly season is around the corner. I actually can't wait to start designing some new gear. Now to stop being sad and only getting out of bed around 3pm. It's a work in progress.

For those of you following my tumblr, you may have also noticed the odd pansy reblog as well. I'm thinking about painting up something nice with pretty watercolour-style pansies soon. So that's my inspiration. I'm really in love with the colours in this:

So yeah, if you see weird reblogs of pansies, that's why. I've been working with an artist friend and former colleague of mine called Liz Nicholls to improve my watercolour technique, so if I'm lucky I'll manage not to warp the paper when I have a crack at it this time around. I really love working with watercolour, but it's a fickle beastie. I've mostly been working with greylead pencil, so it'll be nice for a change. Here are a few vaguely recent works:

Which brings me to this - part of the reason I've been feeling so down over the past few weeks is that shortly after I finished my exams, my fur baby (above) got sick and had to have a lump cut out of her back, and the "C" word was used. So until recently, I was stressing like crazy, waiting to see if anything had spread while my sad and sore puppy lamented her surgery on my bed. Thankfully the news was good, and she's going to be okay and won't need radiotherapy. $600 dollars later, I'm relieved but poor. I'm hugely thankful for the support of the Black Milk community, for all pulling together and helping me sell a few items to pay for her surgery. I can't thank you all enough. Speaking of, here is my most recent get - the Midnight Owl skater. This is my current favourite piece.

I should get a full body shot of it, but that will do for now. I've also spent a lot of time lately working on hair, makeup and nails. I've been playing with a gel nail kit for the past few months, and that's starting to really yield great results. It's a lot of fun. In this picture (below), I was playing with some fairy-inspired eye makeup. I have also branched out into full face paint, but of course I didn't think to take photos of that! Next time. You will also notice that my hair is bright purple. I've been dying it that way for just over a month now, and I'm very much in love with it all over again, after having it a similar colour last year. Huge props to Nicole at NVious Hair for the amazing job she did cutting it recently as well. Since this picture, I have a perfect blunt fringe and my ends are much happier, so thanks Nicole!

Some of you may also have seen my most recent cosplay project - Zelda. I spent about a month (at a mostly leisurely pace) creating this out of a few old dresses and a few of my own designs with materials at home and sourced from various fabric stores. Here are some pictures for you. My most recent dress-up was as a woodland-style Tinkerbell, but you'll have to wait for the next event for me to post that one, and it wasn't hand made by myself, as the Zelda one was. It's gorgeous though. I'll add some pictures for you next time, along with work towards the Carnivale-themed Queensland Christmas party Black Milk costume I'll be working on this week (on top of evertyhing else). In the meantime, please enjoy the Zelda pics, and some lovely music I've picked up and enjoyed this week. Much love and thanks again for the hits, Billie xx.

Nov 1, 2013

And then that happened.

Pictured: The least-deserving recipient of a Sarcoma ever. :(

Well, I survived my degree. I've been free a week. I get final exam results in a week or so. I worked the first two days after my exams, and then I kinda just sat around at home being broke for a week, while I waited for my pay to drop in. It wasn't too bad though. And then Wednesday I was giving my fur baby back scratches and felt a bump. I took a look and it looked really suss. Fast forward to today and my dog has cancer, is very sore from surgery, and I'm short a good $500 to pay the bill. I suppose that's life though.

I haven't really cried, I'm pretty tough. I feel so terrible for my dog, but I'm doing the very best for her that's out there, and will continue to pay out for radiation therapy and more surgery if her results come back with more bad news. I'm very thankful that I happened upon the lump early on. I'm not really sure how to feel. I thought finishing uni would be a huge relief, but there's kind-of just a flatness about things now, like there isn't much purpose going on in my life, and I'm waiting with baited breath to see what Poppy's lab results are and how I went with marks.

I'm meant to be going out to celebrate tomorrow night, but it'll rest on how well my pup is doing and whether I want to actually leave her side just yet. She's so sore, and she's being so good about it, she needs cuddles and plenty of rest and someone there for her right now. She's had a little to eat and drink and is peeing okay, so it's just a matter of love, rest and observation now. I'm not sure how soundly I'll sleep tonight, but at least I have her back home with me.

We'll get through this. People might laugh about me being so dramatic, but she is a part of my family, and a huge part at that; who has been there for me through some really tough times. I care about her. Not much else has happened really. I've seen some friends and watched some good TV, and I'm applying for jobs now to pay for things and move again. And pay for Queensland.....I'm almost tempted to sell my tickets and accommodation now and just stay home with my pup, but I don't think I can really, even if I wanted to. It kinda sucks, I recently went all-out and bought a costume for my party and a gift for a family member and now suddenly I'm down an unexpected $500, but at least the important things are safe. Thank goodness the graduation party got pushed back a couple of weeks. I'm so thankful to still have my fur baby safe and sound next to me right now. I think perhaps that's why I'm not super sad, even if it has been a really rough trot - I still have her here and she's hopefully going to be okay yet. But still, I'm very tired. Sorry for the disjointed rant.