Oct 16, 2013

Study study study

Student life: An anthology.

So unsurprisingly, I haven't worked out every day. I don't mind, it's been at least every second day, and I'm under a week away from my first final exam. Right now my life is consisting of trying to sleep as normal as possible hours (quite a struggle as all I can think about is doing well in exams), looking after myself, and studying like mad. Two exams left and I have this degree in the bag.

I've spent the past three days going over Psychopathology and I'm pretty good for that one. Now to tackle Research Methods. Oh Research Methods, you are the one subject where I can spend weeks trying to figure out concepts, finally get them and then completely forget them. You are the most difficult unit of my whole degree. I have cried and lost so much sleep over you. I'm sitting on the high end of a HD average going into the exam, but the exam is 50% and I feel like I really don't know my stuff enough for it. I want to do really well, but I also want to understand what I'm working with, so that I can use it in the field and in (hopefully) further study. So, from tomorrow until Sunday, I will live and breathe Research Methods. If I can just nail that exam, I'll be soooo, soooooo happy. Then after that, I can start to think about the real world again. One week until the end of my course. Holy wow. I keep having this feeling of having bluffed my way through so far, even though that isn't possible and I'm acing things. I'm still scared I'll fail and I don't really get anything well enough. I believe they call that perfectionism, and yet I'm still kinda freaked out. Gah, let me be more confident in this one unit and let this be done! I can't wait to tick it off my list. I can't wait to enjoy my Spring/Summer and see my friends again!

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Lucy Annalisse said...

So glad you had such a great time! <3
It was so much fun. :)