Sep 13, 2013

Fashion Bee Blog: Black Milk

So I actually made progress with my uni work tonight, and as a reward for all of that stats and APA writing, I've decided to write about something I'm passionate about. Fashion! Namely, Black Milk. I got into Black Milk during a really dark time about a year ago, when I was feeling pretty alone and also negative about my body. Above is my first ever pair, the Phoenix 2.0 leggings. One or two of these pictures actually got reblogged by BMHQ on their facebook page at the time, which was a really big deal that I was not aware about until later. I appreciate it now! Anyway, this post will essentially be a love-in, for something that began as a fun brand that I bought once to cheer myself up, and became a major support network that had a big part in me picking myself up and getting back to the business of enjoying my life. I was first put on to Black Milk by a uni friend, Stacey, who was a huge fan, and a part of something called the Black Milk Girls of Victoria , on Facebook. I got accepted into the group and it's been a big and positive thing for me.

Without going into too much detail, I was a victim of a violent crime and consequentially had been diagnosed with PTSD, Depression, Anxiety and Stockholm syndrome. I was scared to leave the house a lot, I didn't really want to see friends, I was dealing with a whole lot of awful stuff that nobody should ever really have to deal with and just generally not coping. I kept getting sick all the time and missing work a bit, and my uni marks suffered as well, until I eventually deferred. The Black Milk community gave me an opportunity to talk about what I'd been through away from friends and family, where I really couldn't cope with it and didn't want to be labelled. There was a lot of shame in it for me, over something that I had no control over in the first place, it's still a bit touchy really. Anyway, this community gave me a group of friends around my own age, where I could talk one-on-one about tough experiences, but also just be a girl again and have fun, go out, meet new people, talk about hair and clothes and makeup and regain a sense of normality. I'm really thankful for that.

Clockwise from top left: Poppy and BM Insane Graffiti swimsuit (XS), Poppy and BM Mermaid leggings (S), JL and myself at a recent Melbourne meetup, more mermaid leggings and a mermaid fin, BM Middle Earth Map leggings (S).

So a bit about the clothes. James Lillis (or JL), is the designer, based in Brisbane Australia. His stuff is awesome! The print quality is amazing, I'm yet to have fade issues. His blog can be found HERE and a link to the website, where you can buy all of his amazing stuff is HERE. Prices range from about AU$40-130 generally, depending on what you get and shipping is generally free. I have about 25 pieces myself at this point in time. The leggings go really well with an oversized tee or skater dress/skirt, the swims can be used in the water or layered into a soft grunge or summer look with cutoff denim shorts, or capes, or cardis....there are a lot of possibilities! The dresses are fantastic for a night out. I tend to team up my bodycon dresses with handmade leg braces and various tights. JL is amazing, as is Captain Cam who is a big part of the brand. I was lucky enough to meet them both a couple of months ago when they came down here for the Melbourne sample sale. Great guys, and they really look after their fans (we're called Sharkies because we nom all of the nylon)! Anyway, hopefully this has been a fun introduction to Black Milk for you all. I'll do a couple of styling blogs in the next few weeks, but at least you have some broad BM love now, to kick-start things. Again, the link to the site where you can nom all of the shiny nylon is 

Thank you for reading!

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