Sep 15, 2013

Bee does DIY: hands-free dog!

This is my final product, and the end to my adorable dog's
senior moments of falling off my lap and onto the floor.

Once upon a time, a love of shiny nylon leggings and a heavy study routine combined in a young woman and a middle-aged dog's lives to amount to one really annoyed dog who kept falling on the floor, and one really distracted woman who had to keep stopping her studies to put the dog back onto her slippery nylon-covered lap. And then, the dog sling was born. At first, I thought it would be a bit naff and, well, you know...

Probably not the most amazing pet product ever.

Yes. Anyway, results have been surprisingly *AMAZING* for my dog sling. I'm not even saying that sarcastically. My dog is snoring away in her sling, and I'm sitting here contentedly doing my homework writing you this blog.

So how did I make this thing? Well actually, it only took about 20 minutes with a sewing machine and some left-over polar fleece and a tape measure. Measure the length from the back of your neck to about where you want the dog sling to fall. Double that and add about 3 or 4cm for sewing reasons. That final length will become your sling length. If you have a small dog like mine (my dog is under 4 kilos and is fully grown), you'll need your sling width to be about 80-90cm when you factor in sewing the edges to make them neat. Go ahead and find some comfy-to-wear, snuggly material (I used polarfleece, but minkee would work too, or maybe even fleece). You won't need more than about a metre from the roll for a dog my size, or an off-cut you might even have lying around the house (I make a lot of onesies, I'll do a DIY post on that another time). Cut it to the length and width you just figured out.

Ok, now fold and sew little edges down the long sides, about 2cm thick, just so you have a cute edge. The long sides should be the edges of the length you measured from neck to where you wanted the sling to fall on your body. You can skip this if you want, it'll just make it sturdier and neater. I even sewed my edges a little deeper in the middle on one side, so my dog can poke her head out a bit more at the front. which side you choose to do that on will depend on which side of your body you want your sling to sit. Doesn't matter anyway, having it all equal will do the job! After this, fold the material in half lengthways. Keep it like that on a flat surface, and now fold it in half widthways. you should have unsewn edges all lined up at the top, with four folds of material sitting on top of each other from two pieces if you've done it right. Then sew the top and flip it inside-out and it's done! Screw it, I'll just draw a dodgy paint diagram:

Pictured: My atrocious paint skills.

Hopefully that made sense. I may actually need to vlog this. At the very least, you got a laugh out of my dog in a sling!

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