Aug 30, 2013

Hair and Titles

Things are still pretty great. I'm settled in a decent house and I've formed some great new friendships and improved some older ones as well. I've been doing a lot of hair lately, as well as nails. I've learnt how to do gel nails from home, so my nails are in a permanent state of happy, and I get to give my friends manicures as well, which is great. Always nice to see smiles on faces. I did a nice ombre brown to blonde on a mate with the thickest, most awesome (yet high maintenance) long hair, and I also got to have a bunch of fun doing a tuquoise to apple green balayage on a friend with short hair, which turned out great. I'm not big on putting peoples' faces up without asking, so I'll show you my current hair instead. I managed to get it from black/red all over back to a natural dark honey blonde, then bleached the ends to ombre and added purple and blue. It all graduates down nicely and will fade out to a really nice pastel by the time spring hits. I'm quite pleased! I've also managed to cut all of the split ends out of it, while still keeping it below shoulder length.

I'm also almost at the end of my degree, and lining up pretty well for honours, we shall see! I can't believe that I could be a registered practicing psychologist in just over two years' time. I'm very excited! I've worked so hard and couldn't be more proud.

I'll also be moving again soon. I've found a new friend who shares interests and hygiene levels with me, and I'm super excited. I'm pretty much just tying up loose ends with my undergraduate course and saving up money, and after that it will be all about the lifestyle I've wanted, ever since that time back in the early 00's when I thought The Secret Life of Us was pretty damn awesome. I have to start thinking about finding a different job soon too! I wonder what I'll choose? I'm a bit scared with uni and stuff at the moment, but I'm mostly excited! Yay, we're down to the final weeks of university! Now to knock out these beastly assignments and wrap my head around psychological statistics, so I can put a bit more time aside to help out my friends.

Ohh! Also my furkid is learning EVEN MORE tricks. She can sit, stay, heel, follow, fetch, drop, shake paws, high five, walk backwards and is just starting to learn how to walk on command. What a clever girl. Now have a happy song, because it's almost spring!

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