Aug 22, 2011

Slight redesign and a lack of sleep

This post is probably going to read a little like a journal entry for the better part. I'm up at 6am again after another night just enjoying time on my own pondering, reading journal articles and listening to music, as I'm wont to do every fortnight or so.

First of all, I hope you like the new look of my blog. I was finding the previous styling a little too gaudy so I opted for something new. I've also been playing with lightbox on my camera, so I have a new photo on the sidebar as well. I can't speak more highly of lightbox, it's a lot of fun. Run a google search if you're using Android and check it out. Here's something else I took tonight while fooling around, just because I can.

It's been a lovely night here. I've played a ton of guitar too, it's getting to the point where I can look at the chords for a song and actually know where my hands go innately a lot of the time. It's a good sign of things to come. I've been teaching another friend to play, so that's been wonderful as well.

I've been up to a bit online lately and spend endless hours at Hello Giggles and as of this week Tumblr. I'm really enjoying working away there and you can find my tumblr by clicking HERE. I'll still be blogging regardless, I have almost reached 6,000 viewers on this blog so it's here to stay.

As per usual, I have been thinking a lot about relationships tonight, instead of sleeping in preparation for my 8 hour shift which starts in roughly 2 hours. The fact that this new guy has spent most of the day flitting in and out of my mind suggests to me that it's not quite time to give him up. I left him cookies today...not weird at all. I'm so happy with life right now that I'm not inclined to change much, but he is great to have around, so I think I might finally be properly open to something. I'm sure his actions will give me deeper insight over the next however long. I do really like him so I'll let the rest happen naturally.

God I love alone time. I think I will always be a night owl for this reason. There's something so solitary about the night. I adore people, but there's something really magical about shutting yourself in your room and just daydreaming, making and enjoying art, playing musical instruments, singing away and exploring new psychological studies and quirky inventions. I think I could happily spend two weeks alone and confined to a small space, so long as there were guitars, pencils, paper an internet connection and perhaps my dog around. It would be just amazing. Possibly a kitchen too. I'm really enjoying cooking at the moment.

I found some pretty cool studies tonight on my adventures around the internet, so I thought I might share something while I've got you. One study I found absolutely fascinating tonight was on Partners' Facial Similarity Increasing over Time. The study found that partners that have spent 25 or more years together tend to become more facially similar over time. This psychological study looked at many different possibilities and concluded that the most probable cause of this phenomenon was empathy. Your empathy with your long term partner means that you mirror many facial expressions subconsciously while sharing a close bond and this causes similar facial features to arise over time. There's a big part of me that thinks that's really, really sweet. I think that if I ever stayed with someone for so long it would be beautiful to share facial similarities with them from the bond we shared. I wonder if such things increase in similarity in correlation with the depth of the bond? Fascinating stuff. The next thing I wonder from this study is how this sort of thing would affect identical twins. I'm betting that the more time identical twins spend with each other, the more similar their facial features are, whereas identical twins that are say, separated from birth, might look less similar?

Human interaction fascinates me. There have been people in my life with very high empathy, and those with very low empathy over the memorable years in my life. I feel that the world could do with much more empathy for one another. If we cared more about how each other felt and less about pride, things would be just lovely. Perhaps I'm just in some sort of romantic, gentle, wistful mood tonight, but the idea of that seems nice. Just knowing where you stand with people and being able to trust without getting hurt so often. I'm not projecting at all...

I shall continue to put my faith and trust in people, regardless. That and stay up all night reading psychological journal articles and sitting on youtube and tumblr.

I've been getting all nostalgic over Powderfinger this week and I feel this song fits well with me at the moment, so here's a song for you. Have a lovely morning everyone, I'm off to work!

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