Jun 24, 2011

How to do awesome nails

So you want to have awesome nails, but you don't want to spend a whole lot of money. You like to play guitar or for whatever other reason acrylics are just not going to be an option. You're incredibly impatient when it comes to drying time. We are about to be friends! These are your weapons of choice:

One bottle of your current favourite shade of nail polish. I chose Ozotic's Reef because it is amazing and about three different shades at once. You can go for whatever you like though. First up, put on an episode of your favourite TV show or a movie. Log in to facebook chat or equivalent as well; keyboard typing keeps your fingers well spaced and will stop you from gnawing off an arm in boredom once the polish is on your nails. You will thank me for that. Paint on a couple of coats of your favourite shade. Make sure that you allow enough time for it to dry a little between applications, so that your nails don't end up lumpy. If you're lazy like me, pick a fast-drying shade.

Next up, go and find a cheap bottle of liquid eyeliner. It really doesn't matter how cheap it is, so long as it's liquid, rather than pencil. I went for a black shade, because I'm awesome like that. Plus, you know what they say. Using the eyeliner, paint a few evenly spaced diagonal lines across each nail. Start with your dominant hand while you get the hang of things, then move on to the other one. Wait the very short time for your eyeliner to dry. This is important, trust me.

Now it's time for a clear top coat! This will seal in the eyeliner, and if you use a fast-drying one, it will speed up the process as well. I went for the cutex 45-second clear coat, partly because it was the fastest one around, but mostly because it was on special when I was grocery shopping and I'm a terrible impulse buyer. Load up your brush fairly well when you do this, as the less friction on the eyeliner, the better. Wait for this to dry. Now, go and stun your friends with your skills of an artist!

Now, here's a song to show off your new nails with. You're welcome.

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Belinda Petersen said...

I just thought I'd add - the ozotics shades work best with a solid base coat colour underneath. I used a plain black before applying this shade, but most colours would work underneath it.