Jun 17, 2011

Holiday to-do list

UPDATED! I'm totally crossing these out as I get through them now...

· Go on a youtube exploration of new music

· Begin my circus training with the new troupe

· Nostalgia away as I recreate my music playlists

· Finish the software side of the build on my new computer

· Work at the new job

· Play Mirrors Edge

· Play Halo 3 with the girls

· Bake

· Mix some cocktails and hang out with friends

· Clock Portal Two

· Give people manicures

· Mess about on WoW

· 4 chan

· facebook

· Some manner of occasional house cleaning

· Play guitar

· Play ukulele

· 2 parties this Saturday

· So much hair dye on myself and others

· Maybe some more work

· Brave the winter surf

· Something about boys and admitting to nothing

· *scene omitted*

· Another party or two

· Work on the drawing I started months ago

· Start a new drawing

· Birthday present brainstorming for a certain friend

· Start constructing props and costumes for Humans vs Zombies

· Work on my pool skills

I love my life right now. Here, have a thing.

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