Jun 4, 2011


Somehow it became almost a week out from exams and I'm sitting here, with a 10% quiz on genocide in regards to anthropology and one more essay (40%) still to write. I have to admit, I have been rather unmotivated regarding study this trimester, especially after the big move, string of illnesses and various boy dramas on my periphery here and there. Today I got the push I was looking for to get on with it.

While working away at my exam special consideration applications, I stumbled across an interesting email in my inbox. It seems that one of my unit chairs from last year has recommended me for a position as an official university tutor/mentor of sorts without my awareness. This is so awesome! There's nothing I love more than talking over study routines and coursework with fellow students, it's a form of learning that suits me down-to-the ground and I get to meet new people and help others as well. Now it looks as if I might be paid to do it very shortly. This is just the nicest surprise I could've asked for during a stressful period. I actually feel motivated to write this mammoth assignment and really dive into study now. Heck yes.

Here, have something awesome and a little left-of-field yourselves.

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