Jun 24, 2011

How to do awesome nails

So you want to have awesome nails, but you don't want to spend a whole lot of money. You like to play guitar or for whatever other reason acrylics are just not going to be an option. You're incredibly impatient when it comes to drying time. We are about to be friends! These are your weapons of choice:

One bottle of your current favourite shade of nail polish. I chose Ozotic's Reef because it is amazing and about three different shades at once. You can go for whatever you like though. First up, put on an episode of your favourite TV show or a movie. Log in to facebook chat or equivalent as well; keyboard typing keeps your fingers well spaced and will stop you from gnawing off an arm in boredom once the polish is on your nails. You will thank me for that. Paint on a couple of coats of your favourite shade. Make sure that you allow enough time for it to dry a little between applications, so that your nails don't end up lumpy. If you're lazy like me, pick a fast-drying shade.

Next up, go and find a cheap bottle of liquid eyeliner. It really doesn't matter how cheap it is, so long as it's liquid, rather than pencil. I went for a black shade, because I'm awesome like that. Plus, you know what they say. Using the eyeliner, paint a few evenly spaced diagonal lines across each nail. Start with your dominant hand while you get the hang of things, then move on to the other one. Wait the very short time for your eyeliner to dry. This is important, trust me.

Now it's time for a clear top coat! This will seal in the eyeliner, and if you use a fast-drying one, it will speed up the process as well. I went for the cutex 45-second clear coat, partly because it was the fastest one around, but mostly because it was on special when I was grocery shopping and I'm a terrible impulse buyer. Load up your brush fairly well when you do this, as the less friction on the eyeliner, the better. Wait for this to dry. Now, go and stun your friends with your skills of an artist!

Now, here's a song to show off your new nails with. You're welcome.

Jun 17, 2011

Holiday to-do list

UPDATED! I'm totally crossing these out as I get through them now...

· Go on a youtube exploration of new music

· Begin my circus training with the new troupe

· Nostalgia away as I recreate my music playlists

· Finish the software side of the build on my new computer

· Work at the new job

· Play Mirrors Edge

· Play Halo 3 with the girls

· Bake

· Mix some cocktails and hang out with friends

· Clock Portal Two

· Give people manicures

· Mess about on WoW

· 4 chan

· facebook

· Some manner of occasional house cleaning

· Play guitar

· Play ukulele

· 2 parties this Saturday

· So much hair dye on myself and others

· Maybe some more work

· Brave the winter surf

· Something about boys and admitting to nothing

· *scene omitted*

· Another party or two

· Work on the drawing I started months ago

· Start a new drawing

· Birthday present brainstorming for a certain friend

· Start constructing props and costumes for Humans vs Zombies

· Work on my pool skills

I love my life right now. Here, have a thing.

Jun 14, 2011


So today I woke up, studied, had some sort of narcoleptic moment, studied, sat an exam, studied, chatted extremely briefly to friends and now it's 3am. I have another exam tomorrow. And then another one the next day. I am so exhausted.

I can't wait until this is over and I have more time for funner things. Or for nothing at all. Now I'm thinking of stupid sexy Ned Flanders. Sorry for the brief post, I love you all and will be more talkative on here in the near future - a happy place not filled with exams.

Also I really want a hug. Sooo soo much. That is all. xx

Jun 7, 2011

Onesie of spinsterhood

How and when did this happen? A few weeks ago, I started organising a pyjama party, as a celebratory end to a big trimester of exams at university. During my usual daily time scrounging around online, I decided that wearing an adult onesie as the host would be a funny and novel idea. I found one cheap on eBay and had a bit of a giggle to myself. Now, please note that it is winter here, and I'm very much single right now. At some point I went from giggling about the ridiculousness of adult onesies, to being curled up in one every night and being insanely comfortable. I'm sitting here on the internet at 3am in a onesie, clutching a drink bottle of ribena with my very cat-like dog asleep by my side. I'm going to die alone, aren't I? This is why we can't have nice things.

Jun 4, 2011


Somehow it became almost a week out from exams and I'm sitting here, with a 10% quiz on genocide in regards to anthropology and one more essay (40%) still to write. I have to admit, I have been rather unmotivated regarding study this trimester, especially after the big move, string of illnesses and various boy dramas on my periphery here and there. Today I got the push I was looking for to get on with it.

While working away at my exam special consideration applications, I stumbled across an interesting email in my inbox. It seems that one of my unit chairs from last year has recommended me for a position as an official university tutor/mentor of sorts without my awareness. This is so awesome! There's nothing I love more than talking over study routines and coursework with fellow students, it's a form of learning that suits me down-to-the ground and I get to meet new people and help others as well. Now it looks as if I might be paid to do it very shortly. This is just the nicest surprise I could've asked for during a stressful period. I actually feel motivated to write this mammoth assignment and really dive into study now. Heck yes.

Here, have something awesome and a little left-of-field yourselves.

Jun 2, 2011

When did love become a transaction?

Readers, I have to admit I have become perplexed with modern society. Before I start, I'm telling you up-front that this post is going to make me feel very old, and it may even have some slightly condescending undertones. Nevertheless, this is an observation of mine that I feel needs addressing.

Ten years ago, I started dating. No, I can't believe it's been that long either. Anyway, we shall push forward. Once upon a time ten years ago, a girl went out to a party with her friends. She had spent the afternoon excitedly shopping for something to wear with her girlfriends and had everything just right as she walked into the party. Then she met Mr.Guy. She rushed to her girlfriends for a second opinion and he seemed to look at her from the corner of his eye now-and-then. Everyone had a couple of drinks and he made his move. There was a little flirting, hugs, perhaps some kissing, and an exchange of numbers. Three-to-five days later he gave her a call, and they started dating.....or she never heard from him again.

People, when did this change in Western culture?!? Lately I'm noticing a trend with guys where you have that typical flirtatious period, he shows interest, he gives you his number........and then you get that now-typical, super frustrating line: "Oh, you're cool with just a casual thing, right?". I wondered if it was something I was doing wrong after three guys in a row tried this one, but after speaking to many of my girlfriends, it appears to be the current norm.

What girl actually wants this? When did it become acceptable to even ask this of a girl? I mean sure, if both parties want such a thing then fine, I'm not one to judge, but this would have been an absolute anomaly on the dating scene ten years ago. Either you hook up with a guy, do your thing and never see them again, or you date. One-night-stands are awkward enough for one night, I can't even imagine a reason why you would want to draw out the process. Personally, I don't even do one-night-stands.

Perhaps I'm being old-fashioned here, but surely I'm not alone on this. Don't most girls want to be in a happy, loving relationship, regardless of the risks of putting yourself out there? I wonder what has caused such a shift. Maybe it's the growing divorce rate? Perhaps something has altered womens' self-esteem levels in recent years and sex has become something used as verification? I don't know. I always felt that sex was typically in the control of the woman. Why are we all suddenly giving that power away? Women's behaviour must have changed as well for an assumption of casual sex to have become acceptable in the first place. Our personal standards shape the way people treat us, it shouldn't be the other way around.

Before I go on to a little music, I'd just love to say a big thank-you to all of my readers. This blog has close to 5,000 views now and I'm very thankful that you're all enjoying it. xx