Feb 28, 2011

My relationship with my drawings.

Here's my most recent complete work before I begin, I hope that you like it.

I was thinking a lot today. There are a few things going on in my life which I can not share, and they are somewhat of a challenge. I suppose that is life, and in the end, life is what you focus on. Although there are rough things happening now, I'm going to focus on three things for the duration of this compromising time: small pleasures, my goals on the other side of this challenge and my learning. I'm not just talking about studying, I'm talking about personal development.

I'm not one for the self-help section in the library or book store - I think that the best way to grow within yourself is to understand the mind and then try to apply those principles to yourself and then your interactions with and reactions from others. I'm working on a new drawing at the moment. With these realistic images, I was thinking - I start with something perfect but empty - a blank page. Then I try to replicate what I see, I put down the foundations of the image. Then I begin to shade and draw. At this point, I begin to create imperfections in my attempts to create a carbon copy. Every stroke I make takes me further away from the image I am copying. Once the bulk of the shading is done, I have to walk away - sometimes for days. In this time I watch over my work and pick the imperfections, think about them, mull over my changes. This last part is about taking those imperfections and making them perfect, and although the changes are subtle, they take the longest and are the most crucial of all. I can spend up to fourteen contact hours on a single piece before I am happy to walk away that last time.

I was thinking today that this process may be heavily intertwined on some level with aspects of my personality, and perhaps if I step back further, some facets of human nature. Is a drawing similar to a relationship from this perspective of mine?